Jitendra Vara - Osteopath

Jitendra Vara qualified at the European School Of Osteopathy (ESO) in 1988, which is recognised globally as a leading osteopathic institution. He went on to be a lecturer in clinical neurology there for over twenty years. 

Jitendra now concentrates on his clinical practice treating musculosketal pain, shoulder pain, cervicogenic headaches and neck and low back pain.

He works from the Coulsdon clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And also from our sister clinic in Seaford, East Sussex, on Wednesday and Friday.
Jitendra works from his London Clinic on Mondays.


Jitendra says:

“I first joined the Seaford clinic as a young man after qualifying from ESO in 1988, I planned to stay for a couple of years! Now, nearly thirty years later, I am still working from our Seaford clinic alongside our Coulsdon clinic, both have grown well over the years.

“A lot has changed from the early years when osteopathy was considered to be an ‘alternative therapy’; the medical profession often struggled to give it recognition. Over the years I applied the most basic concepts of any medical professional; taking a case history, examining the patient, communicating the diagnosis and then finally treating the patient with appropriate care.

“Gradually, with these fundamentals, the clinics have grown in reputation within the local communities.  In 1992, I was asked to join Sussex University medical centre to work with General Practitioners with N.H.S. funding. I enjoyed working closely with the G.P.’s, as this helped them to understand the extent to which osteopathy could help treat conditions such as: neck pain, repetitive strain injuries and headaches.

The clinics have continued to expand and I have been joined by other osteopaths and professionals over the years; therapists, counsellors, pilates instructors, podiatrist, hypnotists, acupuncturists… I have been very lucky to meet great like-minded people offering fabulous services. It is no longer ‘I’, it is now ‘We’. During this time I married (yes, to an Osteopath, Lucinda) and our son Krishnan and daughter Jasmin soon arrived on the scene.

In 2009; NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) recommended osteopathy for treatment of low back pain. By this time the clinics had gained recognition and a good reputation from the local G.Ps.

The practice and the reputation for osteopathy continue to grow and help serve the communities.

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Introducing Mr Vara!