Stop Smoking for Life with Hypno-CBT

The most successful evidence -based approach to quitting programme run by David Osborn-Cook (Hypnotherapist)

Programme includes:

One session bespoke treatment

One week preparation tips

Free audio recordings

Ongoing support

Free follow-up session

Become a healthy, happy non-smoker with the ‘Stop Smoking for Life’ programme offered by Hypnotherapist David Osborn-Cook

How it works… Smoking promises to relax, but actually increases stress and anxiety.

I use a powerful multi-component approach to help break that ‘stress-smoke’ cycle. It involves evidence-based hypnotherapy, CBT and mindfulness together and it’s proven to give you the best chance of staying a non-smoker – for life.

The programme consists of a preparation call a week ahead of the main session, with tips and an audio to listen to. Then the main session, in which we use various hypnotherapy and CBT processes. I also give you a pack of audios to take away and support should you need it.

Want to try the Stop Smoking for Life programme? Call David on 07778 613268 to take that first step!

Stop Smoking for Life with Hypno-CBT
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