A warm welcome to the ‘Solo Foot Care’ – Solomey, the podiatrist looks forward to treating you!

Solomey from ‘Solo Foot Care’ provides a variety of podiatry services and treatments at our Coulsdon Clinic:

Athlete’s Foot
Diabetic Foot Care & Checkups
Foot Pain Advice
Fungal Infections
Heel Pain
Ingrown Toenails
Pain Therapy
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Sporting Injuries
Toe Deformities
Toenail Cutting
Verrucae Treatment
Wound Care

Solomey Kazaana BSc graduated from the University of Northampton with a BSc degree in Podiatry. She is a member of The Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and registered with the Health Care Professional Council (HCPC). Solomey is passionate about helping her patients with their foot issues, and is able to offer a variety of Podiatric care including: orthotics, verruca treatments as well as general chiropody.

An MOT for your feet

  • Full examination of the feet
  • Advice and treatment plans for any foot problems
  • Toe nails cut and common nail problems treated
  • All corns and callus removed.
Solomey Kazaana

Verruca Treatment: Verruca is a virus infection appearing as a wart. Treatments may involve using strong chemicals, homeopathic treatments or cryotherapy.

Podiatry Fees

** INTRODUCTORY OFFER for February 2024 – £30 for nail cutting, hard skin & callous removal. **Services other than the above will incur extra cost – offer valid for appointments from 5.2.24 until 28.2.24

  • Routine Appointment – £45 (from 1.3.24)
  • Verrucae removal – £45 or £50 for Cryotherapy
  • Services not included in the ‘Routine Appointment’ fee will incur additional charges

Clinic Hours for Chiropody & Podiatry: You can book appointments with our visiting Podiatrist on 020 8660 9912
Appointments are available most Mondays & Wednesdays from 9am – 6.30pm

Welcome to Esther Echegini our new podiatrist, who looks forward to treating your foot health issues!